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Mydnyght's Light Doth Shine

And Uncovers the Perceived Realities

12/19/10 11:06 am - Open Late on Sundays?

Is there anything open late (til 12:30 or 1am) on a Sunday, near Rideau?

Coffee shop, pub, something like that?

I know the starbucks/second cups downtown close pretty early on Sundays.


11/19/10 03:45 pm - Friends Only

Most posts are friends-only.

5/2/10 11:17 pm

I have to choose between 2 guys...
It's such a hard choice. I like them both.

12/4/08 10:51 pm - Prop 8

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die


11/23/08 06:42 pm - ADDRESSES

PEOPLE WHO WANT CHRISTMAS/YULE/HOLIDAY CARDS need to give me their addresses ASAP. I'm sending out my international ones and some local ones this week.

Comments will be screened, so feel free to comment here with your address.

11/22/08 01:00 pm - Holiday Specials

So I'm starting to think up Holiday Specials. I'm also going to start offering Gift Certificates.

Anyway. This post is mostly for me to sort things out.

Main things I offer:

30 Minute Treatment - $30
60 Minute Treatment - $40

Tui Na:
30 Minute Treatment: $30
40 Minute Treatment: $40
60 Minute Treatment: $60
Full Treatment (1.5hrs): $80
Facial Massage $30
Foot Massage $30
30 Min Relaxation: $30
60min Relaxation: $40

Facials $30
Foot & Calves Aromatherapy Treatments $30
Relaxation or Energizing Aromatherapy Tx: $30
Chinese Cupping $30
Chinese Nutritional Consultations $60

So I was thinking of doing a couple of "packages" and marketing them as available as Gift Certificates as well.

Combo's I'm thining of doing:

*30 min massage plus facial ($50 instead of $60)
*30 min reflexology plus facial ($50 instead of $60)
*1 hr tui na massage, 30 min reflexology, facial ($90 instead of $120)
*Foot, Hand, Neck and Facial Massage ($60)

10/16/08 12:10 am - I've fallen in love...

I have fallen in love:


I'd kick mellabobella but in reality, this girl is so cheap, I'm glad Mel got me hooked on Etsy.

*claps hands*

List of what I want for my birthday/Christmas coming soon... actually, I'll probably put it on Facebook.


Etsy is <3

Vegan Mineral Makeup is <3

9/21/08 08:34 pm - I Like A Boy

I love this video. I posted it on Facebook awhile back, but now I'm posting it here!

7/17/08 06:34 pm

I'm interested in compiling new music for my traveling, since I'll have a 6hr+ train ride, and many a nights in a hotel room.

I only have 1GB for my iPOD, and I'm adding several audiobooks, so I'll have about 100 songs that I can add.

I'm looking for mellow songs as well as upbeat. Nothing hardcore though, I haven't really been in the mood lately. I MOSTLY need new mellow songs (to listen to while falling asleep) I've gotten kind of tired of all the ones I've been listening to for the past few months.
(feel free to list songs I've likely heard of but have overlooked)

Songs I have so far:
Bob Dylan- It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding
Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats
Cast of Across The Universe - I Want You, Hold Me Tight, Dear Prudence, It Won't Be Long, I Want To Hold Your Hand,
Alison Krauss -Down To The River To Pray
Fergie- Big Girls Don't Cry
Frank Sinatra- Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Kate Voegele- One Way or Another, No Good, I Won't Disagree
Lily Allen-Friday Night
Live- Run Away
Matt Dusk -Please Please Me, Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad, Cold As Ice, Lonely Road, Theme from Loaded Gun, Don't Go Looking, Always, Miracle, Every Mother's Son, Five
Meat Loaf- Hot Summer's Night, All Revved Up, For Crying Out Loud, Rock and Roll Dreams Come Though, Out of the Frying Pan, Objects in the Rearview Mirror, Good Girls Go To Heaven, Where the Rubber Meets The Road, Running For The Read Light, Amnesty is Granted, Life is A Lemon
Melissa Etheridge -Similar Features, Like The Way I Do
Queen- You're My Best Friend, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Killer Queen, One Vision, Radio Ga Ga, Somebody To Love,
Rufus Wainwright- Instant Pleasure, He Aint Heavy
Sublime -Rivers of Babylon, Santeria, Scarlet Begonias,
Usher - Caught Up, Trading Places, What's Your Name (feat Will.I.Am), His Mistakes, Nice and Slow, You Make Me Wanna

x-posted to Facebook and Yahoo Answers.

7/17/08 05:22 pm - Packing

I am making myself a list to ensure I bring everything I need to SSM.... and because I'm concerned I'll have too much to bring and not enough room.

If you see anything you think I'm missing, let me know. I've already sent the presents. I'm going for 12 days, I'll be able to do laundry on day 9.

I'm going to try to take just a duffle bag and a small suitcase (since I'm taking the train down to Kitchener), because I'll also have to carry the dress. But looking at the list I'm thinking I'll try packing on Tuesday and see what happens.

Bridal Stuff
Wedding Shoes
Bridesmaid Dress
Wedding Party T's
Strapless bras x2
Waist tucker

Normal Clothing
Pink skirt
Summer Dresses x2
Jeans x2
Yoga pants x2
3 Capri's (2 jean, 1 black)
Green Skort
2 dress tops
6 tank tops
4 casual tops
Hoodie (blue)
2 sweaters/long sleeved shirts

Underthings etc
Underwear x14
Bras x6 (green striped, pink pushup, purple striped, fuschia, black normal, +2 more)
Sports bras x2 (grey and navy)
5 PJ bottoms (3 pants, 2 shorts)
2 sleeping t-shirts (blue french, Moores)
2 sleeping tank tops
Bathing Suits x3 (tankini, black 1pc, pink 1pc)

Flip Flops x3 *blue, green, pink... wear one*
Sketchers black

Batter charger
iPod Charger
iPod Speakers
Phone charger

Make up cases (with makeup)
Nail polish
Nail Polish Remover
Makeup remover
Face cream
cosmetic pads and and q-tips
Perfume x3 (Red, Pink, Orange)
Body Oil
Lilac Lotion
Shaving lotion
After Shave Protector
Bump Preventer

7/10/08 11:36 am - Demonoid

Demonoid.com has open registration today.

6/17/08 03:26 pm

After spending a good 2 hours looking up schedules, I found the most time efficient schedule for getting to Newmarket, it's $5 more expensive, and I have to be at Union Station *luckily not for long*.

I'm posting it just incase I lose it, I can pull it up at my parents:


VIA: $21.00
depart 12:07

arrive: 13:09

65 Barrie - Bradford (Northbound)$6.80 
depart 13:30

arrive: 14:20

cab $20

TOTAL COST of TRIP = $27.80, plus cab =$47.80


65 Barrie - Bradford (Southbound) $6.80 

depart 11:10

arrive 12:10

VIA: $80.85
depart 12:20

arrive: 16:39

Newmarket GO Bus Terminal — BUS TERMINAL
320 Eagle St. W., Newmarket, ON
Davis Dr. & Eagle St. west of Yonge St.

4/7/08 11:29 pm - Audiobooks

I have purchased the following audiobooks, and since audiobooks are ridiculously expensive, if anyone wants any of the following, let me know and I'll upload it to a server for you to download (they download uber quick, they're less than 80MB each. They're all unabridged

Harlequin Presents:
The Greek Tycoon's Secret Child by Cathy Williams
The Italian's Suitable Wife by Lucy Monroe
Marriage at a Price by Miranda Lee
Possessed by the Sheikh by Penny Jordan

Slow Burn by Heather Graham
All Fall Down by Erica Spindler

Beauty's Punishment by Anne Rice
Beauty's Release by Anne Rice
A Little Bit More (5 short stories about 3somes)
The Road Taken by Megan Hart (erotic romance- Harlequin Spice)

Romance Chick-Lit (according to Amazon, I haven't listened to them yet)
Smitten by Janet Evanovich
Man Hunt by Janet Evanovich

They're .aa files and play on iPods, iTunes, most mp3 players, and most media players. You can download converters from .aa files to mp3s for free and free trial too.

9/12/07 12:19 am - give me down to there hair, shoulder length or... (well, shorter in this case)

I'm going to get my hair cut sometime within the next week or so.... which hair style (NOT COLOUR) do you like? I haven't decided what I want yet, so I'm looking for some input (right now my hair is shoulder length.

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6/3/07 04:31 pm - FRINGE ME BABY!

There's 53 performances in the fringe festival.   There's more this year, it's awesome.  These are ones I want to see (There may be more, some of them don't have descriptions) .   For more info go to:  http://www.ottawafringe.com   It's from June 14th to June 24th

(X-posted to facebook)


*Mel and I are going to this!!!*
Miss April Day’s School for Burgeoning Young Strippers (Musical/Comedy)
Get out those training genitals and let the illustrious Miss April Day prepare you for an exciting career in the world of exotic dance. From choosing a stage name to lap dance techniques, she lays bare the pivotal moments in her own career to reveal how you too can unabashedly take it off. Based on a true story. Language/mature content

*Mel and I are going to this*
When the Big Eagle Shits (Comedy)
Screech at the surreal (or is it all too real) world of office politics, putting in time around the water -cooler, waiting for the big eagle’s biweekly dumps (AKA a pay cheque). A merry-go-round of memos and Catch-22s, where the only refuge is the lavatory … and empowerment is a dirty word. A tribute to Ottawa’s hard-working civil servants.

Revolutionary Sweetheart (Comedy/Drama)
Anarchy, Ibsen and modern journalism. From the creator of The Jewish Princess Diaries and The Opposite of Infinity. “The Ottawa performer’s stellar comic timing is captivating - ****” - Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

"10 Times A Bridesmaid, Now What?"  (Musical/Comedy)
Lilly Connor has reached the end of the line…a conga-line of bridesmaid dresses that is! After 10 trips down the ailes for family and friends, find out if she’s finally throw in the bouquet or wear one more taffeta bow nightmare? A ‘Hit of the Fringe’ in Halifax, “10 Times a Bridesmaid…Now What?” is a hilarious one-woman show based on the real life follies and falls down the aisle of writer/performer Laura Earl.

The Churchill Protocol (Comedy)
Live cargo is being secretly shipped from Afghanistan to northern Manitoba by our government. A reporter is hungry to find out why… but the truth might stop his heart. A new comedy from the producers of 2006’s sold-out hit The Man Who Went to Work One Day and Got Eaten by a Bear.

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Harlequin (Comedy)
This award winning play from M Oulette, features a damsel in (not much) distress, a hero with a 4-inch sword, a lady looking for love in all the wrong places, and a gent who cares not for damsels… it’s not easy living in a world of bad romantic metaphors, and the four of them are just trying to make it work in this Harlequin storybook parody.


Creeping Like Snail Unwillingly (Comedy)
Every actor needs a day job – Michael’s for over 20 years has been teaching first aid to a largely unwilling and unmotivated audience. Giggle as he explores essential skills needed to help save a life and the reasons people would practically rather die than learn them. Humorous skills taught: Calling 911, Unconscious choking, CPR, & AED.

Executing Shakespeare (Comedy)
Back after a very successful first year, the Brown Bag Bards return to murder more Shakespeare outdoors, right next to the old gallows in the Ottawa Jail Hostel! Lounge in the historic old courtyard as we present two new short plays: “Hamlet’s Cat” and “Harper III”. Free admission to anyone wearing a codpiece!

It's Complicated (Drama)
“Who’s dating who? You did what? With who? EWWW…” It’s complicated. Well what isn’t when it comes to relationships? Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends with benefits, we got all kinds of friends. Take a peek at six “friends” to find out the who, what and ewww of it all. Clearly, there may be promiscuous behaviour and foul language.

LOUNGE-ZILLA (Musical, Comedy)
Twisted music, naughty comedy and an outrageous 3D finale that must be seen to be believed! ‘LOUNGE-ZILLA!’ has musically invaded the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia with this hilariously bawdy cabaret spoof!

Maxim & Cosmo (Comedy)
From fringe circuit heavy hitter TJ Dawe – co-creator of 52 Pick-up and The Power of Ignorance – comes a high speed high energy monologue about the battle of the sexes. “If George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld had a baby, it’d be TJ Dawe” - Winnipeg Sun. This will mark TJ’s sixty-seventh fringe worldwide, and his Ottawa debut.

Reality Check (Comedy)
Ever wonder why good or bad things seem to happen to people? Did you ever feel like cosmic forces out of your control are just messing around with you?
Well, they are.  To be fair though, if you had to spend all eternity watching humans interact with one another, wouldn’t you want to mess around with them too?

State of the Union (Comedy)
Finally! Get some straight (and gay) talk about relationships! Adam M’s kiss-and-tell-all, draws on personal experience to give modern answers to timeless questions. Learn about open relationships, why boys cheat, and why Cosmo is ruining your love life. Romance and sex meet gossip in this candid biography of a confirmed bachelor. Explicit language. Viewer discretion required.

The Donohue Sisters (Mystery/Suspense)
Annie, Denise and Rosie are sisters and as close as can be. Life has separated them, but their secret unites them forever – and the men in their lives had better beware.

The Rap Canterbury Tales (Comedy/Story Telling)
Chaucer’s hilarious stories of lust, jealousy and revenge are resurrected in the form of an exciting rap battle.

What Goes Around (Drama)
Adapted from La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler (author behind Eyes Wide Shut), What Goes Around… delves into the under-the-covers world of human lust. In this merry-go-round of seduction we follow one character after another as they pander to their lust in secret trysts, courtships, anonymous sexual encounters, one-night stands, and even in the marital boudoir.
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5/5/07 01:48 pm - MEME TIME!

Taken from manmademonster

Comment and I'll give you three of your icons and three of your interests to explain.

4/30/07 02:32 pm - Explosm

Fucking marcutio  got me addicted to it.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

4/13/07 11:20 pm - Someone needs to show this to Bush!!!!

OMG, I heart the 80s and 90s!
Why aren't there good cartoons anymore???

3/29/07 01:34 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MELLY!!!

Read more...Collapse )

3/1/07 10:42 pm - Meme because I'm bored.

Comment and I'll give you a letter. You must then post your top ten favorite songs beginning with that letter (not counting "A" or "The").

xposted to facebook

2/6/07 01:24 am - Facebookers Can't... Can You?

Put your music player on Shuffle. For the first 20 songs that it plays, post random lyrics.

Your friends have to guess the song name and band WITHOUT Googling or searching for them!  Strike them out once guessed.

1. I can't leave things well alone, understand I'm accident prone.
2. You are my full ambition, I walked on water, I'm sick of talking now.
3. My God's a shallow little bitch trying to make the scene.
4. And fuckin give her some smoochies too.
5. What its meant to be will eventually be, a memory of a time..
6. I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song.
7. I just wanna have some kicks, I just wanna get some chicks.
8. All this life that's filled with wanton tragedy.
9. It's just a living pastime, ruling your heart line, stay for a lifetime.
10. I won't stand around and I won't watch you die.
11. Would always say we'll make it through then my head fell apart and where were you?
12. Outside it's cold, misty and it's raining, they got each other, neither one's complaining.
13. It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this.
14. I like the way you look, I know you like me.
15. Shes convinced she could hold back a glacier.
16. But its snowin' in the city and the streets are brown and gritty.
17. She could turn you that way, If you're willing to try.
18. Asking if you love me, i love the way you make it sound.
19 And when you kiss me on that midnight street, sweep me off my feet.
20. Don’t even fuck with me, I can not please you all forever.

12/15/06 06:15 pm - OttawaSingles on Facebook

Thanks to the ever-brilliant f8shaded ,

OttawaSingles is now on facebook!

Search for OttawaSingles (one word)

JOIN TODAY! (Do it!!) :D

12/7/06 10:54 pm - Watch Me Watch You

counter statistics


11/1/06 11:43 am - Halloween

For everyone who went out last night:

1) What was the best costume you saw?
2) The most nostalgic (reminding you of your youth etc)
3) The weirdest
4) Any that you didn't understand?

10/31/06 03:29 pm - Samhain


Happy Halloween

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